Forecasting Interrupted by Hurricane Sandy

On Monday, October 29 US markets were closed due to hurricane Sandy. Markets are expected to be closed again Tuesday and could be on Wednesday, depending on the impact storm.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the people affected.

Our market forecasting system uses the daily market data to look for patterns to predict future market direction. These algorithms were developed on many years of historic data including periods of time of brief market closures. Without data we will be unable to make any prediction regarding the future direction of markets, but our process will be unaffected when trading resumes. Regardless of the availability of data our subjective opinion remains unchanged. The reasons we have cited in prior posts remain in place. Specifically the growth rate of the US money supply has not accelerated, leaving the US economy and stock markets susceptible to a crash following the past year and a half of a bubble boom. We recommend our readers invest in real assets to hedge against price inflation, but do your own research to choose the options that best fit your circumstances. We also recommend against investing in any bonds.

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