Why Tips

We’re suggesting you trust our market timing forecast for investing your money, and to top that we’re asking for a long-term commitment.  We just can’t get over how incredibly presumptuous this is.  We think asking for a pre-paid, limited-duration subscription goes from presumptuous to insulting.  Still, that’s the standard business model in our industry.  To top this, traditional subscription services are full of hassles.  To provide the best experience for you, we have abandoned the tradition of hassling customers and are offering to earn your trust before requesting compensation.

This is why we work for tips, and why it’s better:

  • No User ID and Password to remember (or reset)
  • You’ll never be denied access to our website because of a lapsed subscription
  • No annoying emails about subscription renewals
  • You pay zero sales tax (tipping is always optional and at your discretion)
  • You decide how long the trial period will last before you begin tipping us
  • You tip the amount you think we’ve earned
  • Your tips are processed by a reliable third party – they keep your information secure and you don’t have to share it with us

We believe our system is a reliable market timing forecast and we use it for our own investments. In our experience a long-term commitment is needed for success because there are occasional short-term losses. No market timing system is perfect. Use our forecast as long as you like. We know you’ll be delighted. When we have earned your trust, we trust you will tip us again and again as we continue to provide value to your investment portfolio.

Bitcoin Donations

Our website is hosted by WordPress.com, and WordPress accepts Bitcoins in payment for premium hosting services.  With the ability to use Bitcoins to pay our hosting costs, we can accept Bitcoin donations from our readers.

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a digital crypto-currency unit and a global, decentralized payment network.  There is a lot of information online about how Bitcoin works, but the simple explanation is that Bitcoin can be used online as money.  The biggest concern about digital money is that it could be inflated (or counterfeited) by just copying a file.  The Bitcoin global payment network prevents this using open source cryptology protocols.  This enables Bitcoin to be a reliable form of money.  Bitcoin is not yet widely accepted, but among people who choose to use it as such, Bitcoin is money.

Here are several good resources to begin learning more about Bitcoin:

If you want to send us a Bitcoin donation, our wallet address is show on the right side of the page.

Please Note: All tips (or donations) are gifts and are completed at the time made.  These gifts must be made unconditionally and not subject to any conditions.  Due to the nature of gifts, refunds are not appropriate.  The United States has a federal Estate and Gift Tax that would apply to any gift we receive from a single donor in a single year that is over $13,000.  Gifts below $13,000 fall under the annual exemption.  Thirteen Star Publishing LLC is not a charitable organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).