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2 Responses to Customer Comments

  1. Serge says:

    You have recently mentioned in an article that the M2 money supply has stopped increasing. the following graph from the Federal Reserve says otherwise:

    • On August 9th we published this post with a graph of the US M2 money supply and our curve-fits showing periods of annualized growth rates. At first the graph might appear subjective in the fitting, but we use a residual control chart to identify changes in the growth. This technique showed the annualized growth rate collapsed to 0% for 2 months and then resumed an upward trajectory. There are many techniques for measuring the money supply and its growth rate. Our process of using a residual control chart catches changes sooner and identifies these short periods of different growth rates, although it can also create spurious false signals. Every analytical technique has tradeoffs, and we’ve chosen this technique because we value the early indication of changing trends.
      We apologize for the tardiness of replying to your comment.

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