Getting Started

To take advantage of our market timing forecast, you will need the following:

Internet Access


Online Brokerage Account(s)

  • You can usually signup for an account very quickly, but it can take a day or two to establish a connection to your bank account and transfer funds.
  • If you are going to use market timing for your IRA, 401k and non-retirement investments, you will need multiple accounts.

eMail Account

  • Online brokerage accouints require an eMail address.

Market Timing Signals

Perseverance for the Long-Term

  • The profit potential of our timing strategy out-performs buy-and-hold over the long-term.
  • There will be periods where every market timing system lags behind buy-and-hold.
  • Checking the forecast regularly (we recommend every morning before the market opens) and taking action is necessary to be successful.