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After the US stock market closes, we analyze the data and publish the automated forecast and our subjective recommendation. The daily data of the S&P 500 index is usually updated around 7:00 pm US Central time, but this varies. Since data availability is beyond our control, the best time to check the forecast is early in the morning before the market opens.

The automated forecast will be a growth-trend, a declining-trend or an uncertain-trend. We include the following images for quick forecast recognition:

Additionally, we track the US money supply using statistical control charts and comment on the economy and stock market. Our subjective interpretation is guided by Austrian Business Cycle Theory and the technical patterns in the daily S&P 500 stock market data. Combining our automated forecast with these subjective factors we provide an investment recommendation as follows:

When market growth is expected, invest in a leveraged fund that moves with the market, such as SSO or UPRO. When a decline is forecasted, invest in a leveraged fund that moves in the opposite direction of the market, like SDS or SPXU. When the forecast is uncertain, sell your investments and hold cash. Alternatively you could hedge for a risk-neutral position.

There are times when our opinion differs from the automatic forecast. We will always faithfully publish what our forecast has produced, and next to the forecast provide our subjective recommendation. Our commentary will explain our recommendation, especially when we recommend against the output of the forecast.

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