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If you’re interested in who we are, you can visit the LinkedIn Profile of our founder here.

The rest of this page is more of a “history of us” than a traditional “about us” page.  Thirteen Star Publishing LLC was established in May, 2011 to help improve your investment portfolio’s performance.  Our market forecasting methodology was developed from 2001 through 2008.  In September 2000, the US market peaked and began a downward trend that did not end until March 2003.  It was this large, multiyear decline that initiated research to do better than buy-and-hold.

We studied multiple resources on trading and investing and learned multiple forms of technical analysis.  We combined this with other disciplines, including statistics, mathematics, six sigma, economics, engineering and computer science.  After multiple iterations and discovering what did not work, we finally had a functional system in early 2007.  This is when we began investing by following the market timing forecasts.  We were not making much financial progress with our investments, but we were not losing money either.  Not exactly what we wanted, but as the market lost ground through late 2007 and early 2008, we were encouraged that the system was preserving most of our wealth.

In mid-2008 our forecast began signaling a market decline.  If you look at our historical signals, you will see “decline” forecasts are infrequent.  Since our forecasting process was still new, we moved all our investments to cash.  As the market crashed through late 2008 and early 2009 we avoided the losses so many others suffered, but we missed the opportunity for growth had we invested in Inverse Leveraged ETFs like the forecast recommended.  This episode solidified for us the forecasting system was reliable; not perfect, but much better than buy-and-hold investing.

Seeing the pain our friends and family experienced in the ’08-‘09 market crash, we realized the business opportunity of sharing the forecast.  We researched the market timing industry, and to our surprise we learned almost all information about market timing comes from biased sources.  Companies who sell market forecasts praise market timing strategies.  Other companies and publications disparage market timing.  The negative information is more voluminous and “main stream”.  We discuss this more on our criticism page.

Our biggest challenge is overcoming the negative market timing stereotypes.  This is why we publish the forecast for tips.  We understand why you would be very skeptical about us.  We hope you’ll audition us for as long as you like.  We want a long term business relationship with you, and we’re willing to prove ourselves worthy of your trust.  Give us a try.  We’re confident your investments will improve.